Monday, April 14, 2008

A Message from Sydney

I have been reading and inspiring individuals for many years. I love my work and believe that it is, certainly, my destiny to do so. This next adventure in radio will enable me to reach a larger audience and my wish is that I can empower you with truth, confidence, wisdom and hope.
Reading so many has been a spiritual learning experience for me as well. I have been graced by evidencing souls who have already passed over, who console their loved ones, still here, in miraculous ways. We are, most definitely, not alone. So often we find ourselves looking, or asking, for miracles. I believe that you are one. It is an absolute miracle that you are even here, reading this. How did you get here? How many ancestors met at just the right moment so that you could be here now? The people in your life span, who touch you deeply, are not accidents either. There is a beautiful synchronicity that we might call fate or destiny, and that power works in and through us constantly. There are no accidents or mistakes. Our challenges are preordained and will continue to plague us for as long as we fail to honor and love ourselves. Is this the only dimension? I don't believe so. Our guides, our loved ones are deep within us and reside in many places, simultaneously. Time is an illusion and there is no end. We learn and refine through experience and our greatest responsibility is to recognize that God is also inside of us. We need to treat ourselves like the miracle that we are, for we cannot be kind to others unless we are kind to ourselves first.